My Adventures In Art

What’s the point of art?

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Hunters in the Snow

What’s the point of art? What’s the point of painting and drawing? I ask the question because having adventures in art is my new hobby and I’m wondering if it is worthwhile. 1) What’s the point of art?: Consuming art. The fist thing that pops into my mind is: pleasure, enjoyment People like looking at pictures […]

My Portraiture Class Changed (For The Worse)

Acrylic portrait with burnt sienna, blue and white

I tried a portraiture class after my first drawing class, I wasn’t really interested before but I thought I’d give it a go. I enjoyed it much to my surprise. So I did two terms. I was looking forward to the third term but when I arrived for the first class everything had changed, and […]

Challenge: creating tone with cross-hatching

9 examples of me practicing crosshatching

I really like using pen and ink to create pictures. Cross hatching is a very useful tool to help build up those images. Using hatching and cross hatching you can build different tone values and you can use those tones to build a picture. So I decided to set myself the challenge of doing 9 drawings […]

Urban Sketching Workshop – With Lynne Chapman – Review

Student's attempts at urban sketching

This is a review of two workshops run by Lynne Chapman: “Urban Sketching For Beginners” & “Rhythm And Blues”. One of the reasons I decided I wanted to learn to draw and paint was that my previous hobbies involving sport were beginning to take their toll on my body’s joints and tendons, I needed a […]

Weekly Art Challenge: Crosshatching 3

Crosshatching practice

The object of the exercise: In the second crosshatching challenge  I followed a YouTube tutorial video that showed how to crosshatch an arm. I was quite pleased with  the results but it involved following very closely the lines drawn by the tutor. The next stage was to try working out, on my own, where the cross […]

Weekly Art Challenge: Crosshatching 2

Crosshatching on an arm

The object of the exercise: After completing the first crosshatching challenge  I realised that cross-hatching is harder than it looks! I watched Alphonso Dunn’s tutorial on cross hatching and copied his method stroke for stroke. I was pleased with the results at that stage. But then I tried drawing a nose from scratch with less pleasing […]