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Day 35: Two point perspective

Two point perspective detail

After one point perspective comes “two point perspective”. Instead of having one vanishing point in the drawing like we did in Day 34 this time we have two. And rather than the vanishing points being in the drawing area this time they are at either side of the paper, just outside the image. We can then […]

Day 34: Single point perspective

First perspective drawing

For the first lesson in perspective we drew a window at the end of a tiled alcove. We started with a “vanishing point”. You can see it in the drawing as a dot. We then drew a horizontal line at this point the “eye level” or “horizon line”. Next we drew a grid starting from […]

Day 33: Second formal lesson: Outlines

Abstract landscape detail

Back in the classroom. The first exercise was to warm us up and have some fun with pencil and paper. Out tutor gave us some paper and told us to tape off about a third, length ways, and to start copying the pencil stroke he was doing, which was a random up and down movement.  (The […]

Day 32: Barbells, woman looking to the side

Woman looking

I bought some proper arty paper home from my first drawing class. Time to draw on it rather than in my lined exercise book, which is for writing really, not drawing. But I’ve got used to the paper and I don’t like using this new stuff. It’s too grainy. Maybe it’s just a case of sticking […]

Day 30, 31: My first drawing class

Trying out pencil shading

My first drawing class. We mostly tried out different pencils. But first… Drawing Boards We were told to draw on a drawing board. The reason is: if you draw on a drawing board your direction of view is at right angles to the drawing plain. If it’s on the table in front of you it’s at an angle, […]

Day 29: Copying Matisse, trying to emulate Morandi

Copying Matisse

What have I learned today? Getting things in proportion is a big part of the battle. Maybe the most important part. If you can get things in proportion you’ve virtually won, whatever style you are drawing with. With the woman  the hands are too small, and the head is too big. In the original, even […]