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Urban Sketching Workshop – With Lynne Chapman – Review

Student's attempts at urban sketching

This is a review of two workshops run by Lynne Chapman: “Urban Sketching For Beginners” & “Rhythm And Blues”. One of the reasons I decided I wanted to learn to draw and paint was that my previous hobbies involving sport were beginning to take their toll on my body’s joints and tendons, I needed a […]

Review of my adventures in art so far, the first few months

My first watercolour

I’m pleased with my progress. For my first 36 days I drew every day which got me from this: To this: So I think there was some improvement there. Then I decided I would benefit from a course. I did a 10 week course that was a basic introduction to drawing. I learned about the […]

Day 24: Uninspired and self-critique

Dogs fighting

Felt really uninspired and unmotivated today. First time in 24 days! It had to happen at some point. I need something to inspire me on days like this. I have got something: on instagram I have saved pictures that have given me ideas, I should have looked at those. I will next time. I just […]

Day 21: Review

Large Logo

Today was mostly spent developing the website, it’s going to be a static file site so no database to hack. I didn’t do much drawing today only 2 minutes to do a pencil logo that I’ll use for the logo for now. I’m quite pleased with my progress, I’ve done a lot of drawing, almost […]