Day 11: Learning from a book


I’ve thought about learning to draw before. I even went so far as to buy some books a few years ago.

But I never started.

So I dug them out.

I’d bought: “How To Draw Anything” by Mark Linley and “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson.

I had a quick flick through the books. I really wasn’t inspired by the drawings in  “How To Draw Anything”. If I’m not inspired by his drawings do I really want to do his lessons? I don’t think so.

I liked the sketches in Bert Dobson’s book so I decided to do the lessons in his book.

The first lesson was to draw my feet.

Frankenstein in a skirt, feet, giraffe

Frankenstein in a skirt, feet, giraffe

I’m trying to do a variety of drawings each time I sit down to draw, I also like copying images I like off the internet, it keeps me engaged.

I quite like the random mixtures of subjects I get on a page.

Face copied from Flickr

Face copied from Flickr

  • Time spent drawing today: 2:53
  • Total time drawing: 25:24
Posted on: December 18, 2016