Day 22: Mechanical object

pillar drill detail

I did another drawing exercise from the Keys to Drawing book.

The instruction was to make a drawing of a complicated  mechanical object.

pillar drill

pillar drill

I was supposed select one or two main areas and develop them in detail and treating the rest as contours and shapes.

I didn’t do that. I think I need to get better at following instructions!

I think I am getting better at sketching out the overall shape first before getting into detail so as to get things in proportion.

Maybe I should do this  lesson again but follow the instructions properly.


  • Time spent drawing today: 1:36
  • Total time drawing: 59:29
  • Time spent developing website today: 4:41
  • Total time developing website: 44:10
  • Time spent on social media today: 1:09
  • Total time on social media:  2:13
Posted on: December 29, 2016