Day 23: Head torch, Donald Trump, surfer, dish brush, and one-line drawings

Surfer in silhouette

Drawing things just takes time and patience. You need to look at the shapes and draw those not what you think is there.

I find myself thinking what the object should look like because of my knowledge of the object, rather than drawing what I see. It’s an easy trap to fall into, it’s quicker.

But I would like to draw quicker.

The brain does so much work for you, it’s a pattern recognition machine. So if you could draw something with as few as lines as  possible….  that’s something I’d like to achieve. You’d be leveraging the brain’s object recognition mechanism to save drawing time.

I’d also like to get the likeness of Donald Trump so that I could draw satirical pictures of him. I don’t like him, I think he’s a bad man, really bad. His hair is very distinctive. He has pale circles around his eyes where the orange dye hasn’t taken, his eyes are quite distinctive. Square jowly face and pouting lips.

The surfer gets the idea over. I like the light on the right arm and the overall idea. The legs aren’t in proportion and the face isn’t suggested as it could be.

While drawing the head torch I kept drawing what I thought should be there rather than what was there.

Dish brush?  Is that’s what it’s called? I don’t know. Pleased with the representation of the brush fibres.

One-line drawings. I like the two dimensional and stylized quality of these, though I’d like fewer lines that go all the way around the previous lines.


Head torch, surfer, Donald Trump, dish brush, one-line drawings

Head torch, surfer, Donald Trump, dish brush, one-line drawings

Time spent drawing today: 1:00
Total time drawing: 60:29

Time spent developing website today: 7:13
Total time developing website: 51:23

Time spent on social media today: 0:46
Total time on social media: 2:59

Posted on: January 3, 2017