Day 25: Drawing blind, restating, and drawing with a pen


After yesterday’s review today’s effort was an to practice drawing blind and restating.

I decided to draw with a pen so that I wouldn’t be tempted to rub out lines which were wrong, I would just have to restate them.

The book says there are two advantages to restating:

  1. You don’t waste time erasing, this time is better spent looking at the subject.
  2. The drawing looks more “alive and energetic”

That seems to make sense, and his drawings do look more artistic with all the mistake lines left in. That could also be because he already is an artist and already has a certain style.

What’s “drawing blind“?

Drawing blind is drawing while you are looking at the subject rather than at the line  you are drawing. Sounds impractical! But apparently this is what  you end up doing as a habit so it’s good to start developing it as a practice early on. It’s supposed to strengthen hand eye co-ordination.

Also, the book says the result  is good contours but some sacrifice of “accurate proportions” and is best for the early stages of the drawing.

So I think drawing blind is best for when you are getting the overall shape of your subject.

Drawing blind, restating, hoover, helicopter, woman relaxing, chair, Burj Al Arab hotel, digger

Drawing blind, restating, hoover, helicopter, woman relaxing, chair, Burj Al Arab hotel, digger

Using the pen was good for forcing me to restate. It’s most apparent in the down tube of the vacuum cleaner, with the blue pen. The black pen was better at drawing lighter lines so I could draw over the best lines with more pressure, as seen with the woman on the chair.

Drawing blind is easiest on the first drawing because there’s lots of space, but later I didn’t want to draw over what was already there.  So start a new drawing  on a new piece of paper! I’m a bit inhibited about doing that because I like to fill the page, I think the page looks more interesting with more on it, and I’m sort of compensating for the drawings being a bit crap.

Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing today: 1:09
Total time drawing: 62:38

Time spent developing website/blogging today: 2:59
Total time developing website/blogging: 55:33

Time spent on social media today: 1:06
Total time on social media: 5:09

(New category reading/studying up till now this was probably included in other categories)

Time spent on reading/studying today: 0:00
Total time on reading/studying: 0:18

Posted on: January 5, 2017