Day 26: Puppy, woman, lamp, crocodile

Puppy dog

Today I continued to practice “restating” and “drawing blind”. I stayed with the pen rather than the pencil to resist rubbing out.

I think I’m feeling more relaxed about restating. I deal with it by at first drawing very lightly with the pen until I am happy with the overall shape, then I press harder for the final lines.

I don’t think the lighter initial lines detract from the drawing, if anything they add a certain something, I think he might have called it “vibrancy” in Keys to Drawing. In a way it seems to make the drawing appear more alive. And in a way it could be saying: hey, this is a drawing done by a human who is not infallible.

I quite like them all, even with their  imperfections. Except I would have liked to get the woman’s head a bit more in the right place.

Drawing blind I’m still struggling with, except maybe with the very first line!

Woman, puppy, lamp, crocodile

Woman, puppy, lamp, crocodile

Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing today: 1:20
Total time drawing: 63:58

Time spent developing website/blogging today: 1:44
Total time developing website/blogging: 57:17

Time spent on social media today: 3:21
Total time on social media: 8:30

Time spent on reading/studying today: 0:0
Total time on reading/studying: 0:18

Posted on: January 9, 2017