Day 27: Copying and emulating

Cross-hatched cup

Another exercise from Keys to Drawing.

In the book he discusses 7 artists different drawing styles, or their “handwriting”. He gets you to go over their lines in the air to get a feeling for how they are drawing.

He says you shouldn’t be ashamed of copying artists to help you learn. You can’t really learn to play a musical instrument very well without learning other people’s tunes!

But then you should try to emulate their style with your own subject matter.

So in this exercise I copy details from some of Giorgio Morandi’s drawings, and I attempt to emulate him by drawing a cup and a pan in his cross-hatching style.

The vase, teapot/coffee pot and bottle are Morandi’s and the cup and pan are mine.

I didn’t use drawing blind and restating in this exercise.

I first drew outlines in pencil then filled in with pen cross-hatching, then rubbed out the pencil guide-lines.

I was pleased with my copies and my cup emulation but the pan is far too busy. I think I tried to represent too many different areas on the surface of the pan, and the adjacent cross hatching seems too contrasting. Also, the background has too sudden boundaries.

Cross-hatching, vase, teapot, bottle, cup, pan, Giorgio Morandi

Cross-hatching, vase, teapot, bottle, cup, pan, Giorgio Morandi

Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing today: 2:22
Total time drawing: 66:20

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Total time developing website/blogging: 57:17

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Total time on social media: 9:23

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Posted on: January 9, 2017