Day 28: A pan, a man, two doll faces

Drawing of man smoking

Had another go at the cross-hatched pan from yesterday. I was trying to make it less “busy”.

I don’t think I succeeded. I turned the pan round so I didn’t have to contend with the spout which just looked wrong, but the picture looked just as busy, and just not right, or not as satisfying as the cup from yesterday.

I’m not sure what it is. I could be the graduation of the shading, in real life it is quite subtle, but in the drawing I’ve demarcated areas  very abruptly. But if you look at Giorgio Morandi’s pieces…. there are some strong boundaries, but they are with edges, shadow and with white highlights.

And my background is all wrong again, it suggests a weird surface curving up under the handle, and its too prominent.  I think I want to put it on a table, even if the table is imaginary. I will have another go.

Quite pleased with my man smoking. Except the hands don’t look quite right, maybe it’s the top of the hand? The edge isn’t really defined.

I think I need to get some different graded pencils too, at the moment I’m just using a 0.5mm  HB propelling pencil.

And finally some whimsical doll faces, I like to as some whimsy to the page!

I also like to try and fill the page, and I like contrasting subject matter, I like the odd juxtapositions.

I don’t know why I like to fill the page, I think it just feels like that’s what I need to do! It’s probably a good thing as it makes me draw more than I would  if I was happy with half a page or whatever. I think I feel like a day’s drawing should at least fill one page.

A man, a pan and two doll faces

A man, a pan and two doll faces

Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing today: 2:12
Total time drawing: 68:32

Time spent developing website/blogging today: 2:07
Total time developing website/blogging: 59:24

Time spent on social media today: 0:37
Total time on social media: 10:00

Time spent on reading/studying today: 0:0
Total time on reading/studying: 2:37


Posted on: January 10, 2017