Day 29: Copying Matisse, trying to emulate Morandi

Copying Matisse

What have I learned today?

Getting things in proportion is a big part of the battle. Maybe the most important part. If you can get things in proportion you’ve virtually won, whatever style you are drawing with.

With the woman  the hands are too small, and the head is too big. In the original, even though these features are only sketched out they are in proportion so they add to the realism, even though the sketch isn’t realistic.

I also learned that radial cross-hatching doesn’t work, as evidenced on the pan top,  how do you cross-hatch it?

I’m happier with the pan background today, it’s a table! It’s still too strong though I could have used  lighter strokes. I read Morandi only used 5 tones ie 4 different angles of cross-hatch and white, but you can also vary how hard you press withe the pen and how far apart you space the hatching lines.

Also like the odd combination of the woman and the pan. They look like they could be in the same room, but are completely different styles.

Copying Matisse, trying to emulate Morandi, woman, pan

Copying Matisse, trying to emulate Morandi, woman, pan

Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing today: 1:03
Total time drawing: 69:35

Time spent developing website/blogging today: 1:47
Total time developing website/blogging: 61:11

Time spent on social media today: 0:40
Total time on social media: 10:40

Time spent on reading/studying today: 0:0
Total time on reading/studying: 2:37

Posted on: January 11, 2017