Day 32: Barbells, woman looking to the side

Woman looking

I bought some proper arty paper home from my first drawing class.

Time to draw on it rather than in my lined exercise book, which is for writing really, not drawing.

But I’ve got used to the paper and I don’t like using this new stuff. It’s too grainy.

Maybe it’s just a case of sticking with it and getting used to it’s different qualities.

We’ll see.

Barbell. I always like to try doing an object from real life. Not great, is practice.

Woman looking (copied from Flickr). I like the face especially the eyes, but not that happy with the texture of the hair (I blame the paper) or the gradient of dark to light from the hair to the side of the face.

Woman looking, barbell

Woman looking, barbell


Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing since last session: 2:59
Total time drawing: 75:44

Time spent developing website/blogging since last session: 0:0
Total time developing website/blogging: 64:38

Time spent on social media since last session: 1:33
Total time on social media: 20:21

Time spent on reading/studying since last session: 0:0
Total time on reading/studying: 4:37

Posted on: January 15, 2017