Day 33: Second formal lesson: Outlines

Abstract landscape detail

Back in the classroom.

The first exercise was to warm us up and have some fun with pencil and paper.

Out tutor gave us some paper and told us to tape off about a third, length ways, and to start copying the pencil stroke he was doing, which was a random up and down movement.  (The bottom bit that looks like grass.)

“Make it dark at one end and go lighter to the other end.”

We obliged not really knowing what we were doing.

“OK, take the tape off and put it back on another third of the way up, now draw lines at right angle to the original ones, start dark and get lighter as you go up.”

And so a series of instructions were delivered and we dutifully obeyed, not quite sure what we were doing.

Instructions also included ripping some paper up, sticking it on and using it as a template; cutting bits out and cutting a circle in another piece of paper.


Creating an abstract landscape

Creating an abstract landscape

It was revealed to us that we were drawing an abstract landscape.

With the cut-outs and paper templates we would draw over them roughly using them like a stencil.

Doing this with the ripped paper gave a certain type of edge. (Top of the “cliffs”.)

Abstract landscape

Abstract landscape

By the end of the exercise we had a surreal sort of alien-planet-sea-cliff view with planet and cube.

Big reveal!

But there was a big reveal!

And that was that we had drawn a large picture without drawing any outlines.

That was the lesson: we can draw without outlines.

I think.

We should try to look at the shapes and the gradients of light to draw our image rather than our pre-conceived  ideas of what the outline of the object  is.

Other tips and tricks I picked up during the class

Get a feather for brushing off rubber swarf, if you use your hand you can smudge the graphite and also add grease from your hand to the paper which can affect the quality of the stroke on the paper.

You can take rubbings (like brass rubbings)  for a “texture library”.

Paper tears one way but not the other, it has a grain.

You can shade over the edge of torn  paper for effect. Different papers will give different effects.

You can use blu-tac to lift of pencil lead.

Things in the distance are lighter and bluer.

Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing since last session: 2:00
Total time drawing: 77:44

Time spent developing website/blogging since last session:  6:27
Total time developing website/blogging: 71:05

Time spent on social media since last session: 2:00
Total time on social media: 22:21

Time spent on reading/studying since last session: 0:0
Total time on reading/studying: 4:37

A lot of time spent on the website! I’ve been working with the plugin that generates the static pages. An upgrade stopped it from working so I’ve been uninstalling, reinstalling older versions, talking to the plugin author, reinstalling the new version, trying it out, it takes time and it adds up.

And the amount of time I’ve spent on the website is almost as much as I’ve spent drawing!

Posted on: January 18, 2017