My Adventures In Art

Day 25: Drawing blind, restating, and drawing with a pen


After yesterday’s review today’s effort was an to practice drawing blind and restating. I decided to draw with a pen so that I wouldn’t be tempted to rub out lines which were wrong, I would just have to restate them. The book says there are two advantages to restating: You don’t waste time erasing, this […]

Day 24: Uninspired and self-critique

Dogs fighting

Felt really uninspired and unmotivated today. First time in 24 days! It had to happen at some point. I need something to inspire me on days like this. I have got something: on instagram I have saved pictures that have given me ideas, I should have looked at those. I will next time. I just […]

Day 23: Head torch, Donald Trump, surfer, dish brush, and one-line drawings

Surfer in silhouette

Drawing things just takes time and patience. You need to look at the shapes and draw those not what you think is there. I find myself thinking what the object should look like because of my knowledge of the object, rather than drawing what I see. It’s an easy trap to fall into, it’s quicker. […]

Day 22: Mechanical object

pillar drill detail

I did another drawing exercise from the Keys to Drawing book. The instruction was to make a drawing of a complicated ¬†mechanical object. I was supposed select one or two main areas and develop them in detail and treating the rest as contours and shapes. I didn’t do that. I think I need to get […]

Day 21: Review

Large Logo

Today was mostly spent developing the website, it’s going to be a static file site so no database to hack. I didn’t do much drawing today only 2 minutes to do a pencil logo that I’ll use for the logo for now. I’m quite pleased with my progress, I’ve done a lot of drawing, almost […]

Day 20: More practising

Face in a window

More practising of the various subject matter. It keeps me interested if I can do different things rather than sticking to just one in a session.   Time spent drawing today: 2:13 Total time drawing: 57:51 Time spent developing website today: 6:54 Total time developing website: 30:12 Time spent on social media today: 0:34 Total […]