My Adventures In Art

Day 7: Hands and clothes

Drawn hand

So I’d had a go at getting the human body in proportion. But bodys wear clothes and bodies have hands. Again I used resources on YouTube, for clothes: And for hands: I also did some revision by trying a whole person with clothes and a face. Time spent drawing: 2:35 Total time drawing: 11:15

Day 6: Body proportions

Trying body proportions

Having got bored drawing faces I decided to find out about drawing bodies. Maybe at some point in the future I could combine the two. Again I searched YouTube for help. My search was “how to draw a person”. I watched part 1 and 2. Then I iterated drawing the body. But just iterating can […]

Day 2, 3, 4 & 5: Iterating faces

A face, nose is a bit wide

Huge nose!! So I continued the iterative process, drawing faces. To aid the iterative process I cut out a little face template, seen in the top left hand corner here. This was so that I had a basic shape and could try different variations, like position of eyes nose and mouth. I drew 22 face […]

I decided to draw: Day 1

First drawing on my attempt tp learn to draw

I want to be more creative. Creativity that I would enjoy. I remember once when I was small drawing a parrot and being very happy. But I’d never taken up drawing as a hobby. So I decided to try and learn. Day 1. I thought the best way to learn would be to draw things […]