Day 34: Single point perspective

First perspective drawing

For the first lesson in perspective we drew a window at the end of a tiled alcove.

We started with a “vanishing point”. You can see it in the drawing as a dot.

We then drew a horizontal line at this point the “eye level” or “horizon line”.

Next we drew a grid starting from the vanishing point, 1 cm either side the 2cm squares either way. This provided  the tiling for the back wall.

For the window we had to be aware where the vanishing point was. We would be able to see more of the lower window sill than the upper arch.

Next we moved onto the floor. We drew radial lines from the vanishing point through the last tiles at the bottom of the wall. So we had a isosceles trapezoid for  the floor area.

isosceles trapezoid

isosceles trapezoid

How could we divide this up equally?

By drawing the diagonals from corner to corner we could find the center of the rectangle. If we then draw a horizontal line from one side of the rectangle to the other we then have two rectangles of equal area.

equal area rectangles

equal area rectangles

So now the upper half of the shape is of equal area to the lower half in perspective. If you were looking down on  the rectangle from above you would see this more clearly.

We then repeated this process again and again until we had enough rows for our tiles.

We then extended the tiles completely around the alcove. And then shaded them in each alternate one at a time, very boring to do! Also trying to make the shading lighter the farther back it id; the further away something is the lighter it will be because there are more molecules in the air between you and it that can absorb the light.

Time spent on drawing and drawing related activities

Time spent drawing since last session: 3:00
Total time drawing: 80:44

Time spent developing website/blogging since last session: 2:03
Total time developing website/blogging: 73:08

Time spent on social media since last session: 0:21
Total time on social media: 22:42

Time spent on reading/studying since last session: 0:00
Total time on reading/studying: 4:37



Posted on: February 3, 2017