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Day 25: Drawing blind, restating, and drawing with a pen


After yesterday’s review today’s effort was an to practice drawing blind and restating. I decided to draw with a pen so that I wouldn’t be tempted to rub out lines which were wrong, I would just have to restate them. The book says there are two advantages to restating: You don’t waste time erasing, this […]

Day 24: Uninspired and self-critique

Dogs fighting

Felt really uninspired and unmotivated today. First time in 24 days! It had to happen at some point. I need something to inspire me on days like this. I have got something: on instagram I have saved pictures that have given me ideas, I should have looked at those. I will next time. I just […]

Day 18: More hippopotamising

Hippo portrait

A variety of subject matter again. The flat unshaded person is a doodle done without taking the pencil off the paper or crossing the already drawn line. It’s a doodle I used to do once when I had a boring job in a factory (I got fired).   Time spent drawing today: 3:45 Total time […]

Day 15: Faces, weasel, doll man & peanut head, Chair, face, cross-hatching, vase, dart, plug, hippopotomus

Chair, face, cross-hatching, vase, dart, plug, hippopotomus

Quite a variety of things drawn today. Still struggling with cross-hatching. Can’t get it to work for faces. Today I also did the third lesson from the Keys to Drawing book. To draw myself in a mirror but looking aside. This was really hard! Just from a practical point of view. Because my head kept […]