My Adventures In Art

Tag: Hands

Day 16: Thumbs up, car, cross-hatching of shapes, a face, a hippo

Cross-hatching of different shapes

More practicing.   Time spent drawing today: 2:10 Total time drawing: 46:47 Time spent developing website: 8:00 Total time developing website: 8:00

Day 13: Book lesson 2

Face grinning manically

The second lesson from “Keys to Drawing” was to draw my hand from an unusual angle. Looking at the finger tips. I found it quite painful holding my hand with fingers pointing towards me for so long. We suffer for our art. The goal was to try and concentrate on the shapes seen rather than […]

Day 12: Cross-hatching

Hand and horse

Cross-hatching seems like a good thing to learn. It suggests shading, and it looks like it can be done quite quickly. I like the idea of drawing quickly. I don’t mean rushing, I mean being able to get the idea over quickly. Shading is more realistic and you can get photo like qualities if you […]

Day 9: Hole punch, alarm clock, hand drawing alarm clock

In my practice I try to draw at least one or two actual real life object every day. I like the hand drawing the alarm clock because of the self reference.       Time spent drawing today: 4:56 Total time drawing: 19:41 Drawing time seems a bit excessive here, but when I started timing […]

Day 8: Hands, bushes, revision

Palm of hand

On day 8 I continue with hands, try a face, but not facing forward, and a tree and some bushes, and more human activity.     Time spent drawing today: 3:30 Total time drawing: 14:45