My Adventures In Art

Tag: Hippopotami

Day 20: More practising

Face in a window

More practising of the various subject matter. It keeps me interested if I can do different things rather than sticking to just one in a session.   Time spent drawing today: 2:13 Total time drawing: 57:51 Time spent developing website today: 6:54 Total time developing website: 30:12 Time spent on social media today: 0:34 Total […]

Day 18: More hippopotamising

Hippo portrait

A variety of subject matter again. The flat unshaded person is a doodle done without taking the pencil off the paper or crossing the already drawn line. It’s a doodle I used to do once when I had a boring job in a factory (I got fired).   Time spent drawing today: 3:45 Total time […]

Day 17: Bottles, cross-hatching, face, hippo roar

Hippo shouting

I tried another lesson from Keys to Drawing, this time to draw a tinted bottle. It took me 6 attempts before I got the right shape (the last one). And I tried other stuff too. Time spent drawing today: 3:10 Total time drawing: 49:57 Time spent developing website: 3:42 Total time developing website: 11:42

Day 16: Thumbs up, car, cross-hatching of shapes, a face, a hippo

Cross-hatching of different shapes

More practicing.   Time spent drawing today: 2:10 Total time drawing: 46:47 Time spent developing website: 8:00 Total time developing website: 8:00