Weekly Art Challenge: Crosshatching 3

Crosshatching practice

The object of the exercise:

In the second crosshatching challenge  I followed a YouTube tutorial video that showed how to crosshatch an arm. I was quite pleased with  the results but it involved following very closely the lines drawn by the tutor. The next stage was to try working out, on my own, where the cross hatching lines should go and what they should look like.

There’s more to what they should look like than your at first realise.

  • How long should they be?
  • Should the lines be curved and if so how and where?
  • How spaced should they be?
  • How should the thickness vary?
  • Should there be stippling?

The challenge

So now the challenge is to crosshatch an image  from scratch. From previous experience (the first crosshatching challenge) I decided the human face was too challenging for me just yet, so I decided to have a go at my hand, or more precisely the back of my hand with it flat on the table.

The method

I first drew around my hand on a large piece of paper. Next I drew in the nails and drew in the creases on the joints in the fingers. Then I got stuck in trying to convey the shaded areas with cross hatching.

My efforts

It is harder than it looks!

The fingers weren’t too bad, they’re like uneven cylinders, but I made a real mess of the backs of the hands, the shading is a lot more subtle and less obvious. I went in far too heavily and then tried to erase my bad lines with a white gel pen which gave a stippled sort of effect and looked a bit like patchy hair!

What I learned

I quite like the effect of the shading on the sides of the fingers as, by chance, the length of the hatching lines where uneven, but that’s right, fingers aren’t perfectly uniform cylinders.

Lighting: I started drawing by a window in late afternoon and it took longer than I expected so I was using natural lighting but the nature and strength of that lighting changed over the course of the exercise. That made it more difficult! Especially with the more subtle areas like the back of the hand.  So next time maybe start earlier of use artificial lighting.


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Posted on: September 25, 2017